About Me

I'm Cathy Whitehead, a third grade teacher in rural West Tennessee.

I absolutely love what I do, but I came to teaching later in life.  I graduated from Ole Miss (that's the University of Mississippi to you non-SEC people) in 1995 with a degree in history.

After that, I promptly got married and stayed home with my littles when they were . . . little.  Then I worked from home for several years for a friend of mine who owned a dental practice management firm, and I loved that experience.  But, teaching kept tugging at my heart strings.

So . . . I went back and got a master's in elementary education, and I was so blessed to get a job as soon as I graduated teaching at a school that is about 5 minutes from my home!  I got to work . . . and quickly got overwhelmed.  I decided to go back and get a reading specialist endorsement, and it's seriously some of the best money and time I've ever invested.  I loved the coursework, learned a ton from my instructor, and finally felt like I could REALLY teach reading.  And, that's what I've been doing for the past 5 years!

I've been blogging - sporadically - for a few years at www.mrswhitehead.com, but I finally took the plunge and had the terrific ladies at Blogs Fit for a Queen design a blog just for me.  I love to curl up on a chair with "Friends" in the background and just blog hop for hours.  So, I decided I'd commit and get to it.  I also love (in no particular order) going to the movies, sushi, the beach, reading, creating resources for TpT, running, dark chocolate, Starbucks vanilla steamers, popcorn, and binge watching TV shows (currently I'm having a meltdown over the finale of Mad Men).

Welcome to my corner of the world!

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