Monday, October 5, 2015

Genius Way to Post Learning Targets

We all know that it's important that kids understand what they're learning, and that posting those targets often helps them to do that.  The thing to consider is, what's the best way to post them?  Some use pocket charts, others use picture frames as mini dry erase boards, and still others incorporate learning targets into their PowerPoints.

It really becomes challenging during our reading block.  We use the ReadWell reading curriculum, which means that our reading is taught exclusively in small groups.  So if you have three small groups, that's three different learning targets to coordinate.

Well, here's one particularly clever way of displaying learning targets that our principal saw during an evaluation last week:

All this teacher did was to write the target on a piece of card stock and fold it into a tent.  It stayed at her table while the students were with her.  The genius part is when the students left her to transition to independent work at another table . . . they took the learning target with them!!  The kids knew what they were working on, and any assistants or interventionists who might be in the room helping knew, too.


Inexpensive, easy, and effective.  A teacher's three favorite words.

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