Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Techy Tuesday - Chatterpix

I hope you had a wonderful, safe, turkey-filled Thanksgiving weekend!  Mine was especially special because my oldest, who's in the Air Force, got a couple of days at home, and I got to see him for the first time in MONTHS.  I'm so very thankful for that and for the sacrifice that he and all of our service members make every day of every year - but especially at this time of year when we want everyone home more than ever.

Right before we got out for Thanksgiving, our school hosted a Night at the Museum parent involvement evening.  Our second and third graders had spent a couple of weeks researching and writing about famous people, and it all culminated on this evening when the kids arrived at school dressed as "their person."  They were stationed in classrooms throughout the school, a la wax museum, and parents "toured" the classrooms as the "exhibits" shared their learning.  It was a big success!!

To have something in the hall for parents to view student work, we created Chatterpix of their famous people!  Here are just a few of the clips:

Are they not the CUTEST?

I've done researching famous people for several years, and I always have a few kids who drag their heels and don't want to get it done.  But when I told them they could make their Chatterpix only after every other part of the project had been done and approved - well, they were off like a shot!

And it's really easy.  Here's how to make your own Chatterpix!

1.  Download the app onto your iPad.  It's free.  Open it up.

2.  While in the app, take a picture of whatever you want to Chatterpix.  I had the kids draw just the heads of their people on paper WITH NO MOUTHS and then take a picture of that.  Which looked a little creepy.  But we added mouths before they were displayed in the hall.

3.  With your finger, draw a line where you want the mouth to be.

4.  Click the record button and record what you want to say.  Make it quick - you only have 30 seconds.

5.  Review your Chatterpix.  Don't like it?  Redo!

6.  Like it?  Save it to your gallery and then (if you're like me), export it directly to your YouTube channel.

Done!  After that, we displayed their drawings in the hall (with mouths added).  I got the link to each one's video and turned it into a QR code that I printed and glued onto the bottom right of each picture.

We loved working with Chatterpix - and I'll definitely be looking for ways to use it more!

Happy Tuesday,

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