Friday, September 25, 2015

Five For Friday - September 25

It's Friday, which means it's time for Doodlebugs Teaching's link up!  This week, I've got a theme going on:  my 5 favorite TpT purchases (as of right now, anyway).

First up, this is fab-u-lous.  If you teach third grade, you NEED this in your classroom.  I love it because it takes my kids through learning their multiplication facts, one at a time, and in a logical order.  The work can be done independently (hello, early finishers!) and coordinates perfectly with what we do in the classroom to learn multiplication facts.  I have the division one, too, and she has versions for addition and subtraction.  Just get them.  You can thank me later.  Snag it here.

I love all things Kristine Nannini, and this is where it all started.  A colleague suggested these, and they are incredible!  I use them for assessments when I feel like we've mastered a standard, but also as review questions.  The assessment items reflect different levels of DOK, and each standard comes with a place for students to note pre- and post-assessment data.  Truly a great buy that I've turned to time and again.  Get it here.

I also love these quick checks from Blair Turner.  Each standard has one page of about 10 problems that helps you see at a glance who is mastering it and who isn't.  I love these!  Check them out here.

This is one of the best writing resources I've seen, and I wish I'd used it right at the beginning of the year.  You'll want to make sure that you have the selected texts on hand (I had to beg around for the books), but at the end of the unit my kids were able to write a paragraph!!!  Woo hoooo!  Get your copy here.

I am diving into this one beginning this week.  I have never felt like I've given writing the focus it needs, but this seems like it's exactly what I need to give some structure to my lessons.  I've never seen a curriculum that I like nearly as well, and I'm excited about getting started.  You can buy it here.

Of course, I have bought tons that I love from fabulous sellers, but these are a few of the products I find myself turning to over and over because they're just so good!  

What have you bought that you love?

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