Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Sunday Scoop

It's Sunday - and it's time for a long overdue Sunday Scoop with the Teaching Trio!

First, why is it that you can try on a pair of shoes, fall in love with them, and then when you order another pair in a different color from Amazon they fit differently?  I'll never understand it.

This Pocahontas unit is hanging over my head.  I think I've got some writer's block, but I'm determined to finish it this week!  I have a student-led conference package I really need to start.

I'm planning on using Engage NY as my math curriculum this year.  We're transitioning to a new assessment in Tennessee this year, and I hear that this program is perfectly aligned with the standards for the test.  I'm planning on doing a preliminary look to see what materials or manipulatives I might need, then download and organize the modules in my Dropbox.

And speaking of materials and manipulative - I began my very first Donors Choose project today!  I thought about requesting books, but my room is overrun with them, and I honestly have plenty of Scholastic points.  So, I created a project for a class set of Kindles!  I found refurbished ones for $64 each, and with Kindles you can buy a book and then load it on up to 6 devices.  So, if I want a class set of something, I would only have to buy the Kindle version of the book 4 times to deliver it to up to 24 students!  The project is around $1,500, which I know is a lot, so if anyone has any tips for getting it funded, let me know.

I'm heading into my last week of TNCore coaching for 3rd-5th grade social studies, and it's truly bittersweet.  I've been very busy, and really don't feel like I've had much of a break, but I have LOVED every minute of training.  I've worked with almost 100 Tennessee teachers, coaches, and administrators so far, and I've learned something from every single group.  Plus, I've been able to connect with the best group of teacher coaches from across the state.  It has been an absolutely fabulous experience, and I'll be sad to see it come to an end this week.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Father's Day!  If you still have your dad, be sure to hug him tight.

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