Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blog Refresh

We all need a little refresh, right?  A diet cherry limeade.  A massage.  A pedicure in a cute color.  A nap.

Well, I am SUPER excited about my blog refresh!  It wasn't a complete redesign, but just an upgrade. Not a facelift - more of a microdermabrasion.

But, isn't it funny how the little things seem to be the most exciting?

I am in love with the avatar from Hey, Hey Designs.  Lauren was super easy to work with.  I asked for edits to a stock avatar to make it a little more like me, and she went one step further customizing it to really look like my picture.  I love it so much I have it on my morning procedures PowerPoint slide that I use to help the kids master how to come in and get to work in the mornings, and they all said, "She looks just like you!"  And would you check out those red running shoes.

After that, the process was easy.  I just turned my girl over to Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs, and she did the rest.  I love the bright colors, books and running shoe details, and the little extras like my signature and Pin It buttons.

What a perfect way to start the school year!

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