Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Techy Tuesday - Dream Computer Lab

Happy Tuesday, Folks!!

About a month ago, we had our district-wide inservice at our high school, and my principal told me that I needed to check out the new computer lab.  It was jaw-dropping!!  The teacher applied for and received a grant for a lab full of Macs, but then she went above and beyond in designing her space.  Check it out!

When you walk in, THIS catches your eye.  This is a computer table she built out of an old industrial chemical bin cage, some rope lights, a glass top, and reflective poster board on the floor.  This is crazy awesome!!

Here's another view.  She has colorful Post-Its, iPhone cradles, and neon Expos for the kids to use.  More pics are coming up at the end of the post.

This is the back of the room.  (This tour isn't making a whole lot of sense because I was jumping around taking random pictures of things.  Sorry.)  She will be teaching computer coding, and the kids will get to present their cumulative projects to the folks at Google in California.  Way cool for rural west Tennessee!  Or anywhere, for that matter.  

I also love how she mixed industrial and natural materials to make a space that's so calming.

AppleTV is included.

This is a shot of the bank of Macs.  Sigh.  Isn't it pretty???

More shots of the cool class table.  The little guy is an iPhone cradle - she said she got them at Wal-Mart.

Neon Expos (They're really window markers, but can work on whiteboards.  I checked.  Because I went out that afternoon and got some.  Self control with office supplies isn't my strong suit.)

More shots of the table.

Obviously, we can't all get a humongo grant for Apples and set up a space this awesome, BUT we can all get a little inspiration and apply what we learned in our own classrooms, right?  Like using the window markers in my classroom.  Also, I love how this space isn't overdone - it's clean and inviting, but not so "done" that there isn't space for the kids to work.

Hope you get a little takeaway from this incredible computer lab that you can use in YOUR space!

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