Friday, August 14, 2015

Five for Friday - August 14

It's Friday and time for Doodlebug's Teaching's Five for Friday link up!


Three of my favorite things are right here in this picture.  

First, the Staedtler pens.  Get some.  Just do it.  They write smoothly, they come in the absolute coolest case that actually stands up on your table, and they don't bleed through the page.  I'd seen them before in some Erin Condren junkie groups, but used one that a friends had and went that afternoon to get them.

Second, the gel highlighters.  They don't smear when you highlight, and they come in the awesomest colors.  Also they don't dry out if you leave the cap off.  And there are enough colors to use a different one for each school day.  

Third, the colored dry erase markers.  I am generally not a fan, because they don't erase super well from my whiteboard, but I'm letting my kids write on my guided reading table this year, and I plan on keeping these by me for that purpose.  It wipes off cleanly with a baby wipe.  Plus you clean your table at the same time.  Double score.

I got these at Wally World, but they're available at Amazon - and I'm sure other places - too.  I'm letting my kids use these to write on the windows - which is way more fun than doing math problems on notebook paper, don't you think?  They work better than just colored dry erase markers on windows, because the color is a little more opaque and easy to see.  A little pricey, but I love them.  

How stinkin' cool is this computer table?  It's in the computer lab at my kids' high school  The bottom is a used chemical crate, the top is a sheet of glass, with rope lights run around the edge and reflective poster board on the floor.  She has Post-Its, adorable iPhone holders, and fluorescent markers (yep, that's where I got the idea) for making notes on the tabletop.  I heart big time.

And, that's it for my week!  Be sure to visit the link up to see everyone else's Friday favorites.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I've been on the lookout for fun new writing supplies...thanks!

  2. I love Stadler pens and that table is just too cool!