Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hot Wheels in the Classroom

Welcome to the first of - hopefully - many posts at Read, Run, Teach!

I don't know what it is about this time of year - I guess it's the spring cleaning gene I've got - but I start wanting to clean out cabinets, throw away old curriculum, rearrange furniture, and start planning for the next school year.  Tell me I'm not alone.

Well, when one of our district's reading coaches sent me this link, my wheels immediately started turning about incorporating these STEM activities into my plans for next year!  (No pun intended.  Honestly, I typed it and THEN realized I'd made a funny.)

Y'all.  They will send you a whole Hot Wheels kit for your classroom FOR FREE!!  Free I tell you!  All you have to do is request the classroom kit.  You'll get about 40 cars, plenty of track, videos and lesson plans . . . I don't know why this isn't taking the teaching world by storm.  Hurry on over, though - they're shipping in May, so you'll want to sign up fast.

I teach enrichment for third graders in the mornings, and I will definitely use this as a basis for a unit on physics and engineering next year with them.  We also use Sopris's Read Well curriculum, and there's a unit on Newton's laws of motion and amusement parks, so this would mesh fantastically with that, too.

Tell me - how would you use Hot Wheels in your classroom?

P. S.  Thanks bunches, Mary Allison.  :)

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