Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Scoop

It's Sunday!  Coffee, Meet the Press, and Sunday Scoop are what's going on right now with Teaching Trio's linky.

I'm really excited because this time of year means . . . classroom reveals!  I'm scheduling mine for this Tuesday, so be sure to check back then for a tour.  But that means I need to upload about 2.63 million photos.  I'm hoping the wifi on my camera will work.

We are using EngageNY for math this year, and I bought some PowerPoints from TpT that go perfectly with the lessons - they just need to be tweaked and cutened up a little.  I'll probably veg with some Real Housewives and work on those.

I'm planning on making a famous American headband game, and I'm excited to begin working on a new project.  I got the idea when our principal had us play a game where she wrote an occupation on a Post It, stuck it to our backs, and we had to figure out what it was by asking others yes and no questions.  Wouldn't that be a fun game to play with famous Americans?  So, I'm going to be putting some Educlips clip art to good use.

And . . . I'm planning on taking some time to relax.  My summer is pretty much over - I have a meeting on Monday, inservice on Thursday and Friday, and school will start on August 3.  I'm a little sad to see another summer slip by, but I am excited about meeting a new crop of thirders in just one week!


  1. I love EduClips clipart - so cute! Hope you manage to get all your list done! Can't wait to see you classroom! I love this time of year looking at everyone elses classes! So much fun!

    Teaching Autism

    1. I adore Educlips!! They just have the cutest stuff. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Uploading pictures is always a big task! One I need to tackle as well!
    Looking forward to seeing your headband game! :)

    Carlee Van Ness
    The Kindergarten Press