Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dollar Tree Finds

It is that time of year.  That time when I can't drive by a Dollar Tree, roll a buggy by a Target Dollar Spot, or scoot by the school supply section of Wally World without buying something.  Anything.

Well, these are some treasures I found at Dollar Tree last week.

These reproducible passages are awesome for incorporating CCSS ELA standards into social studies and science content!  The only thing is that Dollar Trees seem to be hit and miss - what I find in one on one side of town, I don't find in another.  So, if I find something good, I always make sure to scoop it up then.

Wait a minute . . . could this be a marketing ploy?


1 comment:

  1. Got the SAME ones!!!! I have a post coming as well about what I found and how I plan on using them! I agree it is a marketing ploy! Poor Belinda stopped at EVERY Target and Dollar Tree between here and East TN a few weeks ago to find things! Every stop was different!