Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Techy Tuesday - Scanbot

Hey blog world! Cathy asked me to guest post for Techy Tuesday, so let me introduce myself! I'm Leah Shull, and I'm a kindergarten teacher currently pursuing my Master's of EdTech. I was excited that Cathy asked me to guest post, because there's a terrific little app that has made my life easier and every teacher deserves to know about it. It's called Scanbot.

What is it?

A free document scanner! You know all those millions of papers we teachers have to deal with every day? This app can scan anything and turn it into a PDF or JPG. It also integrates with iCloud, Evernote, and Dropbox.

How can I use it?

Have you ever had a parent e-mail you asking for information that you've already sent home? I used to grumble and gripe about this, but no more! Now, I simply take a scan of the note and I can e-mail it right from the app. No trip to the copier! No typing out what I've already said before!

Or maybe you're like me and just prefer to have digital copies instead of paper copies hanging around. When you get a paper that you know you want to save, make a scan and send it to Dropbox! Just make a folder (or folders) for types of documents you know you'll want to save, and you can recycle those paper handouts without guilt.

Have inservice coming up? Scanbot is a great way to save notes, ideas, or handouts that you might get. Much better than just taking a picture with your phone and having it get lost in your camera roll!

Give it a shot! The app is free. There is a premium version available, and it's well worth the $4.99 price tag, but the free version is great too.

See it in action!

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