Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Sunday Scoop

It's Sunday, and that means it's time for a late Sunday Scoop with The Teaching Trio!

I went up to school today to get a jump on copying, since we start school 3 WEEKS FROM MONDAY.  Wha??   PLUS, we're down to one copier and it's kind of jacked up - it will only feed paper in from the multipurpose tray - so I took some time to camp out in the copy room today. Not a ton of fun, but it feels great to get it done!

Anyone else turned into a night owl over the summer?  I have got to get back onto a semi-normal schedule, or I'm really going to be hurting when school ours roll around for real.

This Pocahontas unit.  THIS UNIT.  I have picked it up and put it down about a bazillion times, but it is finally done with a lowercase d.  I printed it out today to do a final proof, found some minor stuff to fix, and as soon as I get that done and pdf'ed, it'll go in the store!  Be sure to follow me on social media - I'll be hosting a flash sale when it's listed!!

Y'all.  Periscope.  Periscope has taken over my life - in (what I hope is) a good way.  Thanks to Angie at Rulin' the Roost, Belinda at Third Grade to the Edge and Becky at Cookin' Up Success in Third Grade and their fabulous Periscope Teacher Challenge, I gave up and jumped in.  It is truly awesome.  If you haven't tried it, just do yourself a favor and download the app, follow me (I'm @CathyWhitehead1), and then go and follow my followers and followings.  Just in the past two days, I have learned more from others on Periscope than I have in the past month - I have a great camera on my Amazon wish list (thanks, Alyssa from Just a Primary Girl), I'm planning on making glue sponges this week (thanks, Angie at Lucky Little Learners), and I've gotten great ideas and tips for TpT products.  I've actually gotten to where I keep my planner by my phone just in case I need to stop and take notes.  I broadcast a scope earlier today with quick tips for your classroom library, so be sure to check in and view it!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and be sure to check back Tuesday when I'll have a guest blogger handling Techy Tuesday this week!


  1. How nice to be able to get into your school over the summer. We have no access until the week before school starts. I get the one copier thing, though. And when it breaks down?!? Not a good day! God luck getting your unit posted. I feel like I have several projects like that!

  2. Yes, it IS nice to get in over the summer!! I would freak out majorly if I couldn't get in over the summer. I don't know how you do it! Last year we were last on the cleaning schedule, and I was climbing in and out of my classroom window to get stuff done and avoid the wet wax in the halls. No fun!!